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How We Make The Perfect Batter

Batter made just like mom used
to for crispy dosas and fluffy idlis

Our 3-step proven process to bring you your comfort food:

Quality Ingredients

Mom says health is wealth. We say batter made with Grade A urad dal, parboiled rice, and pre-filtered water is even better.

Wet Grinders

Just like at home, ground with care in large-scale wet grinders. Feel that perfect texture between your fingers.

Double Packaging

We do not want spills! Our batter is securely packaged at the perfect volume to guarantee a mess-free pour.

The Recipe Behind


As children who used to wake up to the sizzle of dosas, we knew that as adults, everyone should have the chance to enjoy the same delight. So, in 1997, adults and homesick, we decided to bring the taste of home wherever we went. We used to think that the secret ingredient in mom's food was love.

But, there is another ingredient we never thought about! The pride of serving truly delicious food cooked the traditional way. Taking a page from her recipe book and adding proper packaging, we pioneered packaged wet idli/dosa and adai batter to bring you #HomemadePerfection.

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Our Food

Not sure what to prepare with our batter? Here are some appetizing ideas to snack on:

Bytes From Our Customers

Once you choose Thaayar, there's no turning back! Here's what our customers have to say about us:

The best idlies- super soft, no other batter can match this quality, I have been trying all other brands too, this is the best. Just use it straight from pack don't dilute with water & no need to apply even oil. Loving it!

Varghese Thomas

Super soft idlis and crispy dosa. Hygienic package and quality is excellent

Preethi Natarajan

Super idly batter. Wonderful

Nemana Venkatasubramanian

As an Indian homemaker, I take great pride in my cooking. In fact, making perfect idlies is a staple in my household. Thaayar has made my mornings so much easier and the result is always delicious. The texture and taste are unparalleled. I am so impressed that I don't have to do anything to the batter before using it.

Radha Mahesh

I've been using Thaayar for 14 years. A household favourite, the idlis and dosas made from Thaayar always turn out perfect. I 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality batter that feels homemade.

Rajeswari Bhaskar