Subscribe With 4 Easy Steps

Choose the required quantity of idli/dosa/adai batter

Select the day of delivery for a max of 60 days

Choose your method of payment

Cancel anytime without any extra charges

Changes you can make after opting for a Subscription

  • Skip delivery dates as needed by calling us
  • Cancel anytime between Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes we do! You can subscribe directly from our website. A subscription is an excellent way to ensure you regularly receive fresh batter to your home or workplace. In fact, you save upto 10% when you subscribe.

How does subscription work?

You can subscribe directly from our website. Our subscriptions are very flexible and help you to choose the quantity and frequency of the idli/dosa/adai batter. Cancel anytime you feel.

Is my subscription automatically renewed?

You can initially subscribe for a period of 60 days. If you do want to subscribe after a 60 day period, then you manually have to select after expiry of your current subscription period.

Can I make changes to frequency during my subscription period?

Yes. You can login to the account section and change the frequency as per your requirements.

When will I receive my batter?

Get your batter delivered hassle-free! Choose your preferred days and receive your order between 10am-1pm.